Tya is Oslo’s based designer.
Holds MA in Design at Kunst-og designhøgskolen i Bergen.

Currently part of Bleed’s team in Oslo, Norway.

Dare to Share Project


Dare to Share is an experimental project about how design can be a platform to encourage people to express and share their dreams, hopes and wishes that might otherwise be forgotten or kept safely to themselves.

Led by my critical reflection as a Graphic Designer, and curiosity about people’s dreams today, I am creating this project in an experimental series (Website, and Activity) where I play the role as a facilitator, to be further interpret the material as a visual exploration (Book and Object).

As the theme of this project is people’s dreams, hopes, and wishes, I am adopting humanistic approach for the identity. Humanist typography, solid color, and the use of basic icons are my main approach in order to make simple and clean design identity.