Tya is Oslo’s based Graphic Designer.

Born and educated in Jakarta, where she holds (BA) in Graphic Design.
She also holds (MA) in Design at Kunst-og designhøgskolen i Bergen, Norway.
In between her life, she worked as a Graphic Designer in Jakarta, India and Singapore.

Tya is currently part of bleed design team in Oslo, Norway.

Dare to Share Object

Art and Craft

This is an exploration object as a part of my visual interpretation series from Dare to Share Project. A handmade (plaster-based material) egg sculpture as an interpretation of people's dreams into an object. I chose eggs as a representation of fragile, raw, newborn objects that fit the ideas of dreams, hopes and wishes. I made approximately 80 eggs as a reward for people who have contributed to Dare to Share Project at USF, Verftet gallery, Bergen, Norway in May 2014.